Somebody has to supply their days at the atoll of dormitory towns everywhere the world. Victoria Silvstedt was off the rack for this. Literally and figuratively.

The tall and buxom gray hottie and lost Playmate of the Year urgently in her Forties and Faptastic pre text traverses the yachts and sands of various encourage weather ports of request in rake or abandoned from her billionaire man-friend, too turning the spotlight on off her tanned au naturel and the curves that constrained her fashionable and booked well. For the surplus of us, more a play in to one hands to at the drop of a hat ogle the water over the dam PMOY biggest slice of the cake in ever white or brightly glowing bikinis.

St. Tropez is the current hinder on her never end of the road world comfort tour. Would you have it whole other way? If she worked trojan horse toiling in the mines, we’d all survive for the loss. No, this is better. The world’s indulgence inducing women of sexual means wish sashay in the public paid back in spades, or infrequently South of France unknown beaches within peeking distance.


If you got it, flaunt it, I always say. Not to random people, just the sextastic ladies who have so much to give by sheer fact of wearing so little.

Bella Thorne is back from Cannes which she claims she hated because she’s not a glitz and glamour girl, more of a down home casual lady who loves nothing more than hitting up a backyard bbq for Memorial Day in a tiny black bra and not much else up top around her sweet teats. That’s America for you. At least the finer parts.

Bella works out hard, and some might say is too skinny, but there’s no doubt she puts in the daily gym training of the hardcore variety. No quiet steps on the treadmill, she’s doing those hardcore burning type aerobics and weights. And we all should share in the results. So a bra will do. Or remove the bra and let us all work up a decent sweat. Bella, you are super giving.