No Need To Hit The Gym After A Couple Of Viewings
The big secret behind most gyms is they are able to keep the lights on and offer all kinds of deals because of all the people who pay for a membership and then never show up. Yeah, that may sound all kinds of crazy, but it’s true. As for me, I see no reason to workout because all I need to do to get my heart rate up is watch Alison Brie do deadlifts.
Why in the world anyone would pay money to go to some place that smells, lift a bunch of heavy things, and hang out with a bunch of sweaty stranger to get their heart rate up instead of staring at Alison Brie do deadlifts is beyond me. After a couple of viewings, I feel great. My blood is pumping and I have the energy to tackle just about every single task ahead of me. And if I need a little pick me up, then I can just go right back to watching Alison Brie doing a perfect deadlift. You can tell her perfect form really helps her with her perfect form.
If you want to waste your time, money, and energy going to a gym, be my guest. But we live in a world with Instagram videos that can do the same thing to your body that an hour in the gym does in only a few seconds.